Mini asphalt Pavijet MG7 (forward)

The new compact mini asphalt Pavijet MG7 is the most recent evolution on the asphalt finishing sector. The mini asphalt Pavijet, whom has been granted an international patent, is the only paver able t

Mini paver Itala Dgv 165-40

The mini paver Itala Dgv 165-40 is an autonomous machine. It is ideal for the paving of cycle tracks, walkways, parking lots, trenches and different kinds of rod repair. Itala Dgv 165-40 can lays hot


The Spraycat is a skid mounted bitumen sprayer that easily attaches to a skid loader. The new Pavijet MG6 compact paver works in reverse and in the center instead of on the side. The Pavijet MG6 and